Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say…

“I just started using the facial cleansing bar a week ago. I was prescribed a retinoid for acne and it caused my face to peel and hurt so badly, I wanted to cry! Your soap is helping so much! I feel like it’s soothing my skin, but helping my acne at the same time and even fading my old scars. Thank you for making a wonderful product!”
– Lani Granada Bixby

“I absolutely love the “Baby Mild” castile soap with added Shea Butter. The uses for this soap are endless…so many possibilities! But what I love to do is combine them with essential oils, for added healing, anti-microbial and balancing benefits.”– Candice

“So excited I got these wonderful soaps from Dr. Woods yesterday and Miss Lizzy was very happy with the way the Black Soap Facial Cleanser felt on her face this morning!! She also can’t wait to use the coconut soap in the shower tonight. Anything that makes it easier for me to get her to wash up and not scream makes me very happy!! Thanks Dr. Woods!!!”– Kathy Radigan (My Dishwasher’s Possessed)

“Oh my goodness! I Checked out these new soaps from Dr. Woods! Wowed by the quality and sweet scents on the first use! Give these all natural products a try!”– Meredith Spiedel (Mom of the Year)

“Showers are easier than baths here in San Francisco, where we’re in a drought. Showers use less water. Your almond soap’s just as divine in the shower as in the bath!”– Regina Ryerson

“We ran out f our Dr Woods soap, so I started using our regular body wash on my son, and his skin is SO itchy & red after his bath. Bought more of your almond Shea Castile soap & am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. It’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate my son’s skin. I cannot rave about it enough.”– Rebecca Huber

“One of my favorite gifts I received”– Brenda Tutunjian Roberts

“I love all of the SheaVision line!”– Alice Juarez

“Can’t find anything that works as well as your face wash.”- Debbie Fountain

“My favorite Dr. Woods products are the lavender and peppermint Castile liquid soaps. My whole family loves them.”– Lillian Lily

“My daughter has eczema and the Raw Black soap healed her dry skin. I switched all my soaps to Dr Woods. I was blown away by how it cleaned my house.”– Lee McCoy

“African soap with Shea is my favorite.”– Holly M. Hunt Brewington

“My favorite are the Organic soaps. Love peppermint… Just added Black soap facial to regimen.”– Carol Reid

“The Almond bath soap is what I use. I suppose I might try the others, but the Almond is really nice.”– Janet Carlson

“Dr Woods Facial Cleanser is My favorite!”– Amy Leonard

“Love them!! Get all my Dr. Woods products (which are fabulous by the way) 
I have RA and I am on a boatload of meds and my skin has not taken well to it. My cousin, Becky Green, recommended your line and I haven’t looked back. Your products have really helped me.”– Krissy Watson

“Agreed..love Dr. Woods!”– Becky Green

“The Almond Castile liquid soap is my favorite. Our family uses it as hand soap, body wash, shampoo & to wash my little one’s cloth diapers. We also fill the empty bottles with water and freeze them for our coolers. Great product! I refuse to try any other brand.”– Danita Jackson

“Dr Woods soap makes a great “base” soap for homemade cleaners. I could use liquid, but I prefer to grate the bars into shavings and dissolve it into warm water. Add baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils and you can use it to clean anything. Our laundry soap is a dry mixture of grated Dr Woods and baking soda. Add a splash of vinegar to the water as a fabric softener and disinfectant.”– Katie Buck

“I’d had major surgery and couldn’t get submerged in water. My Mother-in-law, a dog groomer, set me up on her table… and washed my hair and gave me a bath using Dr Woods Lavender Castile soap. She even clipped my nails. Happily, I didn’t need the flea dip.”– Terri Patillo

“I use your soap every day for bathing. I’m not allergic to the ingredients. Besides that I love the smell.”– Janet Carlson

“I use Baby Mild for little one. I use the almond formula.”– Hyacinth Branch

“After years of fighting acne, adult acne and then (the worst) adult cystic acne, I finally walked away from drug store garbage in search of something better. Once I found Dr Woods, my search ended. My face looks great! All of Dr Woods “soaps” leave me moisturized and soft. My body acne and dry skin bumpies have also all but disappeared since I became a Dr Woods fanatic in January of 2014. Never going back to that other crap!”– Joy Legan

“Your almond soap’s divine!”– Regina Ryerson

“I need more Red Currant Clove bar soap. Have a hyper-active sniffer, this is the best thing I’ve smelled in YEARS!”– ‎David Karys-Schiff‎

“Just wanted to say that we have been using your lavender Castile soap with Shea butter for the past month, and it has helped my daughters bumps (molloscum contagiousum) to disappear!! So happy! She’s had them for months & months.”– Rebecca Huber

“I recently discovered Dr woods products while searching for a natural product free of nasty chemical preservatives. I tried the baby mild which works very well for my skin type. The product has a natural earthy, pleasant smell and creates a light lather. While I have a particularly dry skin i would always use a body cream after my shower others with a normal to oily skin type probably won’t find it necessary. I’ve already ordered my second bottle and plan to try different varieties too.”– ‎Rhona Douglas Caldwell‎

“Peppermint body wash is the best. They stand behind their products.”-‎ Brad J Beaver‎

“This is one of the reasons why I use Dr. Woods soap. Its way better than any other I’ve ever used and they have a really good unscented baby soap. So moisturizing half the time in the summer I can skip using a lotion I could never say that about any of the other crap I used for most of my life and I used many brands trying to find better. Vitacost.com usually has a good price and is much cheaper (saw Bronners today for about $20 and I get mine between $8-10 for 32oz) up to half of Dr. Bronners and I like it better than Bronners anyways. Sorry to go on but this stuff has changed my life for the better and I can’t say enough good things about it!”– Bert Wright

“I love Dr. Woods Black Soap with Organic Shea Butter so much that I included it in a review of my daily face wash routine: http://www.ranchwifeninja.com/2016/03/18/681/– Debby Schoeningh